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Basque Cider Houses Season 2024


Do you know when the 2024 txotx season starts?


Basque Cider Houses Season 2024

The opening day of Basque Cider Houses (Txotx 2024) is already closed. Next month,the 16th of January, at 12:00pm in the morning, the Official Txotx Opening will be held at the Erribera Cultural Center in Astigarraga. After the presentation, the event will continue at the Alorrenea Cider House.

Are you ready to go taste the new Basque cider at the kupeltegiak (cellars)? Have you already reserved a table at the cider house? Don't miss the opportunity and use the booking engine on our website. In it, you can reserve a table at your favorite cider house in a few clicks.

Our cider house search engine allows you to make a direct reservation at the cider house of your choice through your computer or mobile phone.

How to do it?

1. Go to

2. Select: What date? Food or dinner? How many people? In what province?

3. According to the chosen criteria, you will see all the available cider houses.

4. All you have to do is choose the cider house you like the most and confirm the reservation.

5. You will receive a confirmation in your email.

And ready! Now all that remains is for the chosen date to arrive and enjoy the succulent cider house menu: traditional, vegetarian, vegan, for celiacs... All while tasting the D.O. Euskal Sagardoa (Basque cider) from the barrels, or you make "txotx" as we call it. You will be wanting to repeat!

Below are the opening days of each cider house:

Aburuza (Aduna): 17/01/2024

Aginaga (Usurbil): 05/01/2024

Akarregi (Hernani): 13/01/2024

Alberro (Hernani): 19/01/2024

Alorrenea (Astigarraga): 19/01/2024

Altuna (Urnieta): 24/01/2024

Altzueta (Hernani): 27/01/2024

Añota (Azpeitia): 13/01/2024

Araeta (Zubieta-Donostia): 25/01/2024

Astarbe (Astigarraga): 19/01/2024

Astiazaran (Donostia): 13/01/2024

Barkaiztegi (Donostia): 01/02/2024

Begiristain (Legorreta): 13/12/2024 

Bereziartua (Astigarraga): 19/01/2024 

Calonge (Igeldo-Donostia): 12/01/2024 

Ekain (Zestoa): 27/01/2024 

Elorrabi (Hernani): 20/01/2024 

Elutxeta (Urnieta): 20/01/2024 

Etxeberria (Astigarraga): 26/01/2024 

Eula (Urnieta): 26/01/2024 

Gartziategi (Donostia): 19/01/2024 

Gaztañaga (Andoain): 19/01/2024 

Gurutzeta (Astigarraga): 19/01/2024 

Iparragirre (Hernani): 27/01/2024 

Irigoien-Herrero (Astigarraga): 04/01/2024 

Itxasburu (Hernani): 17/01/2024 

Izeta (Aia): 19/01/2024 

Larrarte (Astigarraga): 19/01/2024 

Lizeaga (Astigarraga): 19/01/2024 

Mizpiradi (Andoain): 19/01/2024 

Oialume Zar (Astigarraga): 18/01/2024

Oianume (Urnieta): 07/01/2024

Oiarbide (Astigarraga): 19/01/2024 

Oiharte (Zerain): 19/01/2024

Ola (Irun): 21/01/2024 

Olagi (Altzaga): 19/01/2024

Olaizola (Hernani): 27/01/2024 

Ordo-zelai (Oiartzun): 01/01/2024

Otegi (Lasarte-Oria): 27/01/2024

Otsua-enea (Hernani): 19/01/2024 

Petritegi (Astigarraga): 17/01/2024

Rezola (Astigarraga): 02/01/2024 

Rufino (Hernani): 30/01/2024 

Saizar (Usurbil): 

Sarasola (Asteasu): 13/01/2024

Satxota (Aia): 12/01/2024

Tximista (Ordizia): 02/01/2024

Urbitarte (Ataun): 12/01/2024 

Urdaira (Usurbil): 13/01/2024

Zabala (Aduna): 04/01/2024 

Zelaia (Hernani): 20/01/2024 



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