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September, the month of the Cider


Sagardo Eguna in Donostia and Ordizia and the 4th Basque Country Popular Cider Championship are the three events to enjoy during the month of September.

Organized by Sagardoa Route - Gipuzkoa Cider Houses Association,  Cider Tasting in Donostia will take place on the 1st September, in Ordizia on the 8th of September and throughout the month the 4 semifinals and the final of the Basque Country Popular Cider Championship will be held in 5 different municipalities  from Gipuzkoa and Navarra.

September, the month of the Cider

The manufacture of our cider is a legendary trade, and cider, a millenary drink that can be consumed throughout the year. In September, when we started making the new cider with the 2018 harvest, it is an exceptional time to drink bottled cider. For this reason, Sagardoa Route - Association of Natural Cider of Gipuzkoa presents the program September, the month of the cider.


· Day: September 1, Saturday

· Time: 11: 00-14: 00

· Place: Plaza de la Constitución, Donostia


11: 00-14: 00

- CIDER TASTING: You can taste the Cider Cider of Gipuzkoa, along with the learning and exposure of grafts along with the exposure of different types of apple.

- Exhibition: SAGARDOGINTZA, GURE OFIZIOA - The production of cider, our trade. The cider will be elaborated with the 2018 harvest in the constitution plaza, to later be tasted.



This year we will honor the Sidrero Juan Ignacio Astiazaran, of the Astiazaran Sidrería de Zubieta with his wife, Isabel Diaz, thanking the years dedicated to the elaboration of cider.

13:00 Guided tasting of the Cider Designation of origin EUSKAL SAGARDOA

Under the old Library is the crypt. In it you can enjoy the guided tasting of Euskal Sagardoa Designation of Origin ciders. Tickets can be purchased at the information point located in the square (€ 5, 3 cider).


The Euskal Jaiak de Ordizia keep a place every year for their Sagardo Eguna.

· Day: September 8, Saturday.

· Time: 19: 00-21: 00

· Place: Arboleda (this year we changed the location due to the 750th anniversary).

You can taste the ciders of the cider makers of the area, along with many others from Gipuzkoa. To remember the old traditions of cider houses we will put a bowling alley in collaboration with the Ball and Toca Federation of Gipuzkoa.


1. What is the Popular Cider Championship?

This year the fourth edition of the Popular Cider Championship of tha Basque Country is going to be celebrated. This contest will have 4 semifinals and one final. The cider houses that register in this contest will be tasted. Those who want to taste and give their opinion about these ciders while they enjoy the dinner will be those who form the "popular jury". Tickets must be purchased at different points of sale in the municipalities and surrounding areas (26 € semi-final and 32 € final).

The semifinals will be in Beasain, Goizueta, Oñati and Urnieta; and the final in Usurbil. The tasting will be done blindly, since diners will not know the name of the cider they taste. After the final the names of the first 12 finalists will be announced. In this edition they will participate in the IV. Popular Cider Competition 41 cider houses in 18 different municipalities of Euskal Herria.

2. What does it mean to be a "popular jury"?

The diners who sit down to dinner will taste the ciders that little by little they are going out to the table. The diners will score according to their tastes and sensations of 5-10 the 10 cider that will be tasted in the semifinals and the 12 of the final, no more! Therefore, if you like to eat well and taste different ciders, THIS IS YOUR CONTEST!

3. Recovering old customs

This is the fourth edition of the popular contest. Four years ago the Association of cider houses of Gipuzkoa recovered this tradition with great enthusiasm. Antiguamene have held several competitions of this type, since 1967 the Association of Sidra then organized several popular competitions with the collaboration of other municipalities. The 2015 contest was the first stone in the recovery of this beautiful event, to continue shaping and adapting the system to reach today a contest in which each year new municipalities and societies collaborate.

4. Location of the semifinals, final and ticket sales

The contest will be held in September. Tickets will be on sale at the Natural Cider Association of Gipuzkoa by calling (943 33 68 11) or by writing to and at the different points of sale of the collaborating municipalities and surroundings.

5. Dinner / Lunch

Both the dinners / meals of the semifinals and the dinner / meal of the final will be based on local quality products, thanks to the collaboration maintained by the Natural Cider Association of Gipuzkoa, Basatxerri and Lurlan. Diners can taste the dishes that best match cider!


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