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Cider house season, we deserve it!


The new cider will be the star of this Season of Cider Houses!

The sector assumes the challenge and the commitment to face an exceptional situation, develop concrete work protocols and give customers a taste of the new cider and cider house experience in an attractive way.

Due to the current situation, the price of cider will have an increase of between 10% and 20%.

Within the Euskal Sagardoa Denomination of Origin, 3.5 million liters have been produced, with 5 million kilos of apples from 250 local apple orchards.

Cider house season, we deserve it!

Today's presentation is the fruit of the work carried out by the sector as a whole, facing this difficult situation with enthusiasm, illusion and passion. Today we have called this press conference on behalf of all the cider makers of Gipuzkoa Bizkaia and Álava and for this we have also attended representatives of the Euskal Sagardoa Denomination of Origin representatives of the Cider Associations of Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa and representatives of the apple tree associations. Some cider houses have already started the season and little by little the rest will open their doors.

This season is special both for cider houses and for all customers because it offers a different format to enjoy cider, a social format, to live with friends, which is associated with a time of year, which we mark on the calendar. A special season because we taste the new cider, due to the current situation, with specific consumption protocols.

The Cider House Season is also special for cider makers because it serves to explain the new cider to the public. It is an opportunity to publicize the cider house, the work of cider makers and cider in general.

Cider house season, we deserve it!

Passion and enthusiasm: the time has come to taste the new cider!

A year has passed since we started the Season in an unstable situation. Since then, the industry has faced various regulations and situations and has strived to create safe, attractive and comfortable spaces. The main exponent of the steelmaking season is the tasting of the New Cider, around a good meal. Because we deserve the cider season, because we deserve to taste the new cider and we will face the 2022 Cider House Season with great enthusiasm.

What will the 2022 cider season be like?

Until January 28, during the validity of the Decree of the Basque Government, the cider makers will bring to the table the new cider in transparent jars or bottles and with their corresponding labels and information. On each label will be the number of the kupela so that the customer knows at all times what cider he is tasting. This label will also have a QR code to receive more information about the cider.

During lunch or dinner the consumer will be able to get up to refill the jug and with the help of the cider maker they will be able to take the cider from the kupela that the group wants to taste or that the cider maker recommends.

In these two years, the protocol has been adapted to the new decrees and regulations, but always respecting the same basis: offering an attractive experience to the consumer, guaranteeing safety. Like last year, at this start of the season, the new harvest will be tasted at the table.

Cider houses are large spaces that allow us to respect distances and enjoy the cider house experience in a pleasant and safe way.

Different ways and ways to enjoy the cider house

In the cider houses we have the possibility of carrying out activities apart from traditional food. This year as a new element, in some cider houses, will be offered Guided Cider Tastings before lunch or dinner. Apart from this tasting, there are many other activities to enjoy the world of cider. Due to the demand of our local customers we have created this new products. It will be a unique opportunity to exclusively enjoy the new cider, the hand of the person in charge of the winery.

In addition, in order to provide facilities to the customer, in the sector we also have the Euskal Sagardoa online store and the reservation system for lunch and dinner in the cider houses. The main characteristic of the online store is to be able to combine different ciders in each order, with a wide range of products that we have on the web: Also we offer the possibility of automatically reserving a table at the cider house: choose the cider house, add the number of diners, pay the advance and in one click, the table is reserved! This system is being a success among our customers and this year it will offer the possibility of reserving a table at more cider houses.

The price of cider will rise between 10% and 20%

They have not been easy years, neither 2020 nor 2021, but a connected cider sector has committed itself to facing the challenges of the present and of the future. An example of this is the Strategic Plan that all the cider makers have jointly drawn up in 2021 within the framework of the Euskal Sagardoa Denomination of Origin, with the clear objective of activating the first sector, the local apple production and the circular economy. Also working on the profitability of cider and the future of cider houses. With the increases of this last year, the price of cider will rise on average between 10% and 20% in 2022. Apple, glass, cardboard, electricity, everything has risen and cider, a low profitability product, will adapt to the current situation.

Cider is a business that combines local agriculture, local hospitality and local distribution. It promotes the local economy, generating jobs and wealth. But cider, to be viable, needs a fair price. Cider must be given the recognition and value it deserves. Because the cider deserves it. We deserve a worthwhile drink and we deserve a quality drink based on a powerful primary sector.

A great harvest and the value of the different varieties of apple from our apple orchards

The 2021 harvest has been of a lot of apples in our apple orchards and the cider houses have had a great opportunity to be able to work the wineries. Consumers will be able to taste different Basque ciders, since the sector has had at their disposal the different apple varieties that Euskal Sagardoa collects, 115 authorized, with 24 main varieties. In general, this year they are lighter and more aromatic ciders with a lower alcohol content. It is a historic harvest for Euskal Sagardoa, with a total of 5 million kilos of apples collected in the 250 registered apple orchards and with a total of 3.5 million liters made with Denomination of Origin.

Euskal Sagardoa currently brings together 49 cider houses from Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Araba and 250 apple producers.

The entry into production of the new apple orchards and thanks to the work of the wineries, this year it will be possible to taste novel ciders with Denomination of Origin, in many cider houses: mono and bivarietal ciders, or three and four varieties. And more and more will be able to find ciders that incorporate the names of the different varieties to the label. 

Come and enjoy.


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