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Inauguration of VI Sagardoa Apurua


The VI edition of SAGARDO APURUA has been inaugurated by the hand of Sagardoa Route with the collaboration of the different institutions and other agents.


Inauguration of VI Sagardoa Apurua

Today at 12:30 noon the opening ceremony of the VI Sagardo Apurua took place and tomorrow the new cider harvest 2019 is presented.

The performance and premiere of the work “Sagar Haragiz” by HIKA Teatroa has opened the Sagardo Apurua 2019 on Donostiarra Boulevard, with the participation of representatives of the Basque Government, Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the City Council of Donostia, as well as multiple collaborating agents and Cider sector representatives.

Cider: the product that unites us

Sagardoa Route, event organizer and representative of the Natural Cider Association of Gipuzkoa, has organized the Apurua Sagardo for the people. For cider lovers and for those who do not know it, for those who recognize and appreciate the product and also for those who have not yet tasted it. Understanding the wide range of products that cider houses make today, the Apurua Sagardo will be a meeting for anyone who wants to enjoy the new harvest of this product and the activities proposed around this beautiful tradition.

From December 6 to 9, visitors can accompany each drink with pintxos km 0 of Gure Elikagai and Txomin Parrilla, with bertsos, with the concerts of Miren Narbaiza and Sergio Nguema, or with interesting Gastromuseums workshops.

Cider transported by the Urumea, as formerly

The freshly prepared cider, from the 2019 harvest, has been transported from Astigarraga to Donosti through the Urumea river. For this, a "wing" has been used, an old boat for the transport of cider, built by the Albaola Maritime Factory within the project known as Urumea, the cider river, promoted in its day by the Lizeaga and Petritegi cider houses. At 11.30 in the morning SagardoaRoute and Albaola have downloaded the "kupelas" of cider with the help of a group of friends from Albaola, and through a pair of oxen and donkeys the new cider has been taken to the winery farmhouse located on the Boulevard Donostiarra, to the rhythm of the "kalejira".

Apurua, an invitation to try the new cider

Donostia has been the capital of cider for many centuries: the Old Town was home to more than 100 cider houses. The term Sagardo Apurua is an old concept that was used to invite people to taste the new cider in the same cider houses before the start of the season.

Therefore, the recreation of the cider-winery in the middle of the Boulevard will be an authentic reconstruction of the Igartubeiti winery-winery. Once we cross the stone walls of the hamlet, we will enter a diaphanous space, a mixture of epochs and historical tour of our exciting product, the Basque cider. It will merge decades of history that we can taste in each drink of cider. For this, we have the collaboration of several agents that make possible the wide range of activities in this sixth edition.

Tomorrow, December 7, presentation of the new harvest by the representatives of the sector of the 7 territories

Among the many activities that will be offered in Apurua along the bridge, it is worth noting the Presentation of the New Harvest 2019, which will be tomorrow, Saturday, December 7 at 10:30.

The Sidrerías Associations of the different territories of the Basque Country: Bizkaia, Araba, Nafarroa, Iparralde and Gipuzkoa will announce the new harvest. And Sagardoa Route, a project promoted by 62 cider houses located throughout the Basque territory, will present its novelties by 2020, among which a tool that will allow you to reserve a table and all the experiences of the cider world automatically, through its website www

An enjoyment for the palate, with more than 70 products: ciders and derivatives of Euskadi

The Sagardo Apurua will offer the tasting of the products of more than 42 cider houses: Natural Cider, Cider Denomination of Origin, Sparkling Cider, Crianza, Ecological Cider and Apple Wort, among others.

It will also be a perfect time for the active tasting of local Basque Style products, in the kitchen of the hamlet, with different options every day: pork tenderloin, txistorra, Idiazabal cheese and zurrukutuna.

The gastronomic offer will include 3 guided tastings that can be booked in advance, at the San Sebastián tourist office or on the Sagardoa Route website:

Information point and museum

The December bridge is a time chosen by many visitors to make an escape to our territory. And the farmhouse-winery located on the Boulevard will also be a point of information and tourism on the city, on the territory (thanks to Explore San Sebastian Region and Visit Euskadi-Basque Country) and on its cultural resources around the cider, thanks to the tour packages offered by Sagardoa Route.


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