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Sagastitik Kupelera


Autumn, apple picking and cider making season !

Our cider houses are in the middle of the apple harvest and cider production season of the new 2018 harvest. Autumn is a very important season for our cider. September and October, are two months in which the cider pressing machines do not stop working and the cider houses begin to give off an smell of apple and fermentation.

Sagastitik Kupelera

The Cider Association of Gipuzkoa "Sagardoa Route" with the collaboration of 4 Sidrerías de Gipuzkoa, intends to publicize the work of the wineries in terms of the production of natural cider and some tourist and cultural resources of the territory . Therefore, several activities have been organized in different cider houses within the "Sagastitik Kupelera" initiative. In this event they will participate with the "Open Doors Days" and other activities, the cider houses; Ola de Irún, Iparragirre de Hernani, Satxota de Aia and Petritegi de Astigarraga.

These days offer the possibility of knowing the characteristics of apple picking and the development of cider: washing the apple, its subsequent selection, crushing and pressing. Once the must is obtained, our natural cider must settle for 24 hours in the decanting tanks and then start with the two fermentations, the alcoholic and the lactic hand.

All this will be done with the explanations of the producers of cider and sharing knowledge among all attendees. Whoever wishes, in addition to participating in these activities, can eat some pintxo and taste cider or stay to eat at the cider houses.


Apple Day at Ola Cider House

The OLA cider house in Irun, in the middle of its production process, has organized a new edition of the successful day of the Apple in its cider house. Among several activities, there will be the exhibition and tasting of apples, the grafts, the tasting of freshly pressed apple juice (zizarra and pitarra) and the tasting of different ciders. All this accompanied by the characteristic atmosphere that makes this day an indispensable act for the irundarras and their surroundings.

  • Day: Sunday, September 30.
  • Time: 17: 00h
  • Place: OLA Sydrería (Meaka auzoa 102 - 20304 IRUN)
  • More information and reservations: 943 62 31 30 /


Ignatian Way, Guided Tour San Inazio 1535 "Santa Luzia Hermitage of Elosiaga and Land of the Cider"

When San Ignacio returns for the last time to Euskadi, visit the Hermitage of Elosiaga, Hermitage of Santa Lucia, where the tree is conserved where he preached. Very close to the Hermitage is the cider house Añota, being the cider a drink at that time and today so important in this visit you can see the land and the production of cider.

  • Day: Urriak 14, igandea.
  • Time: Eguardiko 12: 00etan.
  • Place: Elosiagako Santa Lutzi hermit (Añota Sagardotegiaren inguruan).
  • More information and reservations: 943 151 878 /


Let's pick apples!

In the process of making cider, the Satxota Cider House has organized a nice day of picking apples in one of its apple orchards (next to the restaurant Errota). After that, you can taste different types of apple, cider and must accompanied by a rich pintxo of the house. The Satxota Cider House invites you to come and enjoy knowing where the cider comes from that we drink so deliciously from the kupela, the txotx or in the bottle!

  • Day: Sunday, October 14.
  • Time: 11:00 - 12:30.
  • Place: Manzanal de la Sidrería Satxota Sagardotegia (next to the restaurant Errota).
  • More information and reservations: 943 83 53 89 /


Day of open doors and the guided tour "The woman and the sector of the Cider"

Petritegi Cider House celebrates its day of open doors to show all those who approach how the cider is made that then enjoy both in the bottle and in the barrels. The apples will be collected in the apple orchard of the cider house, different types of cider apple will be tasted, the must will be elaborated and tasted. It is a perfect opportunity to experience the magic of cider in the first person. Activities for young and old: apple picking, donkey rides, children's games, touchable championships and everything you want and more!

As in previous years the old winepress of the 15th century will be put into operation and this year, as a novelty, guided tours will be offered on the subject: "The woman and the sector of the Cider".

At noon you can eat in the cider house and enjoy the menu and cider of the house. In the afternoon the little ones can continue to get to know the entrails and guts of the cider and the apple in the games and workshops that will be held and round out the day with karaoke.

  • Day: Sunday,
  • Time: De 11:00 a 13:30 del mediodía. Talleres infantiles; 15:30-17:00. Karaoke infantil 17:00-19:00
  • Place: En la sidrería PETRITEGI de Astigarraga. Caserío Petritegi 8, camino Petritegi.
  • More information and reservations: 943 45 71 88 /


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