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Taste and enjoy the new cider in our cider houses this new season!


The sector has made the commitment to face this new challenge, developing a specific protocol, to give the new cider tasting and be able to enjoy an attractive and innovative experience in our cider houses.

Taste and enjoy the new cider in our cider houses this new season!

Today's presentation is the fruit of the work carried out by the sector as a whole, facing this difficult situation with enthusiasm, enthusiasm and passion. Today we have convened this press conference with the Denomination of Origin Euskal Sagardoa and the Associations of cider houses of Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Araba. The first decision taken is to open the new cider season on February 5.

Passion and illusion: the new cider will be tasted at the table

The most significant element of the cider season is tasting the new cider, accompanied by a good menu. And how are we going to be able to do it this year? Sitting at the table. The cider houses will offer the new cider on the table, in jars and transparent bottles, each with its corresponding explanation. Each information card will contain the number of the kupela and the corresponding information, so that the diner knows at all times what cider he is tasting. This information card, in turn, will have a QR code with a link to have more information about the cider house and the product.

Throughout the meal, the person in charge of each table will be able to get up to refill the jug, always with the help of the person in charge of the cider house, in order to bring to their table the cider they want to taste or the one recommended by the person in charge of the cellar. 

An ancient form of consumption to address the current situation

Enjoying the new harvest at the table is an innovative bet, but at the same time, the recovery of an old way of consumption. Throughout history, our cider has been served in jugs in cider houses. This year, however, we wanted to refine this technique to be able to offer the customer the best service taking care of the product, the information and the image. For this reason, the information is added to the bottle or jug ​​so that the consumer knows what type of cider he is tasting.

How is this season of cider houses presented?

This season will be special. The cider sector has developed a specific protocol that contains the guidelines to comply with the rules conditioned by the current situation, but at the same time include a series of requirements so that people can enjoy the new cider with the greatest safety. This protocol has been adapted since May, according to the regulations and changes in the decrees, but always maintaining a solid base: that tasting the cider and the experience in the cider house are attractive and safe.

At this time: the tables will be made up of a maximum of six people and the service will be offered at the table, with the established safety distances and tasting the new cider at the table. In accordance with the provisions of the decree of January 12, the cider houses must also close at 8:00 p.m.

The cider houses offer us wide spaces to be able to enjoy the best cider experience in a safe and comfortable way.

Ciders of great character and body

2020 has offered us a not very abundant harvest, but of great character. 

Ciders have the same characteristics, character and body. This season you can taste a very special vintage in the cider houses, with highly complex ciders and a great capacity for evolution. 

Within the Euskal Sagardoa Denomination of Origin, 1,200,000 liters of cider have been produced in the 2020 harvest, using just over 2 million kg of apples.

The Euskal Sagardoa Designation of Origin is made up of 48 producing wineries, together with 248 apple producers from Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Araba.


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