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TEAM BUILDING experiences for group


Activities for groups, ideal for companies

TEAM BUILDING experiences for group

It is increasingly common to hear terms like team-building, it is due to the tendency we have in companies and groups of friends to do activities to create bonds. Team-building exercises are ideal for integration between teams and improving communication between people, and in the case of companies, they are also perfect activities to increase the productivity and motivation of employees.

At Sagardoa Route we have designed unique experiences based on Basque traditions to share with friends and co-workers.

These are the team-building activities we offer at Sagardoa Route:


This is an activity that can be carried out wherever you want: outside your company, in the apple orchard of a cider house, inside a building... You choose the place, and we will take the adventure wherever you want.

Basque rural sports (or herri kirolak) are traditional sports from the Basque Country that come from daily work activities in rural areas. They are usually sports of strength, endurance and skill. Today, these sports are part of Basque culture.

The experience consists of a championship of these rural team sports. The instructors will divide the groups and after an explanation of the origin of each of the sports, the action begins!

Stone lifting, txapela throwing, log saw cutting, lokotxak, bowling, sack race...And many more! It will be a competition full of adrenaline, the last test where the entire team participates in full, it will be the sokatira, whoever wins this final test will win the championship and win a txapela. Come and live a day full of sports and laughter!

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rural sports


If you want to feel like a rower for a day, come to the Olympic rowing club! The activity will begin inside the Rowing Club where we will learn about the history of arraun and how it is practiced by a professional rower.

After a short introduction, the patrón will divide us into several teams. Each group will enter the Oria River in a trawler along with a professional arraunlari who will teach you some basic notions to be able to row and beat the competing trawlers. And after the relevant explanations, the action begins!

First you will row to get some practice. When you are ready, the trawlers will be placed in the same position and the patron will give the signal. The entire team will have to row in unison and follow the rhythm set by the professional. It will be a competition with ziaboga included, if you are the first to return to the starting point, you win the race! Do you dare?

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Have you ever heard of the ancient sport of Basque pelota? One of the most recognized forms of Basque pelota is the remonte. A sport registered in the Guinness World Record as the fastest sport in the world. Do you dare?

We will start the day visiting the largest fronton in our region. A professional remontista will show us the different areas of the fronton and we will also visit the workshop where the baskets necessary for remonte are made.

After this visit to the fronton, we will learn to play remonte from the hand of a professional, who will tell us all the secrets and tricks of this sport. We will play different games to get practice, and then the action will begin. The instructor will divide the group into different teams and a remonte tournament will be played. The winning team will be the one that has managed to defeat all the opposing teams. What are you waiting for to challenge your friends and coworkers?

There is also the option of watching a professional remonte match from the stands after practicing some, and placing bets on the professionals. Whoever guesses the winner will win a souvenir prize.

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pelota vasca


Gather your team to live an experience in the purest Masterchef style. One of our chefs will divide your group into different teams and you will have to face the challenges they give you.

The experience will consist of a pintxos championship full of adrenaline. First, we will distribute the recipes to each team and there will be time to read them and distribute tasks in the group. When all the tasks are distributed, you will have to make the pintxos before time runs out.

The event will end with a tasting of all the pintxos made by your group and your rivals. After the tasting, the judges will choose the winning team. It will be an unforgettable experience!

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