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What sports can we practice in the Basque Country?


We propose some day plans to do with family, friends or co-workers

What sports can we practice in the Basque Country?

Not everything is eating and drinking in the Basque Country, we also have a great variety of sports to do before visiting one of our cider cellars to delight in its gastronomy and cider. We offer sports activities for all tastes and ages.  Join Sagardoa Route on this adventure! 


If you want to feel like a rower for a day, come with us to the Olympic rowing club! The activity will begin inside the Rowing Club where we will learn about its history and where a professional will teach us how this traditional sport is practiced in the Basque Country.

After a brief introduction and some safety guidelines, you will enter the Oria River in a trawler or batel, (depending on the number of people you are) together with a professional arraunlari who will teach you some basic notions to be able to row. And after the relevant explanations, the action begins!

First you will row to get some practice. When you are ready, the trawlers or boats will be placed in the same position and the skippers will give the start. The entire team will have to row in unison and follow the rhythm set by the skipper. It will be a competition with ziaboga included, if you are the first to return to the starting point, you win the race! You dare?



Join us in this experience you won't forget! The Basque Country is a region known for its mountains, valleys and cliffs. At the same time, it is a land full of legends, culture and mythology. We propose various routes through these valleys and mountains full of magic and culture, where you will not only enjoy a unique landscape while you exercise, but you will also get to know these traditions and stories from yesteryear up close. 

After a tour of about 2 hours of medium difficulty, we will go to a Basque cider house to enjoy the traditional cider house menu, accompanied by the best Basque cider. Euskal Sagardoa in the bottle and directly from the barrels, in the purest Basque style. What are you waiting for to book the experience? 



In this experience, we will visit the largest fronton in our region, and there you will learn all the secrets of this sport and you will even have the opportunity to practice it together with a professional pelotari, who will teach you the best tricks to play. First, we will learn about the history of this fronton and mythical Basque sport. Afterwards, we will see a professional pelotari practice it and after some instructions, let's get to it! He will give us a few minutes to practice a little and then we will do different challenges and games with our adventure companions. 

When we finish this activity, we will go to a cider cellar. We will visit every corner of the cider house and talk about the production and preparation of cider. The details of each cider will be discovered and, finally, we will have the opportunity to taste a traditional cider house menu along with Euskal Sagardoa cider.



Orio is a small coastal municipality well known for its great seafaring tradition. The Oria River, also known as the cider river, which flows into this beautiful town, had great importance in the development of the local economy.

We offer you a unique experience that unites sport, gastronomy and Basque culture. We will meet in Arraunetxea of Orio, where we will begin the kayak activity after a brief introduction by a professional. 

After receiving the necessary instructions, you will enter the Oria River with a kayak and enjoy nature and Basque architecture on the banks of the river. At the end of paddling, we will visit a traditional Basque cider house, where we will taste Euskal Sagardoa cider and enjoy a traditional cider house menu. Sport, tradition and gastronomy in a day that you will not forget!



The perfect combination to have a good time and disconnect. We offer this experience in two variants: to enjoy with friends before a good meal at the cider house; or as an initiative within companies to build a team. In both cases, different games and challenges will be proposed to do as a team: rural sports, gymkhanas and adventure actions. It is a nice option to bond with your family, friends or coworkers. 

In the morning, the rural sports activity will be done in the cider house itself or, in case of bad weather, in a nearby covered fronton. Different Basque rural sports challenges will be proposed, these are those jobs that were previously carried out in the farmhouses, which today are practiced as a sport. Coordination, cooperation, strategy, balance, confidence and a large dose of fun will be worked on.

After the rural sports activity, we will visit a cider cellar to learn about its production, and finally, we will sit down to enjoy the best Euskal Sagardoa ciders and a traditional cider house meal. 

deporte rural

These are just some of the many sports activities that Sagardoa Route offers, and of course, always accompanied by the best gastronomy and Basque Euskal Sagardoa cider. What are you waiting for to book one of these experiences? Sport, tradition and food and cider in a day that you will hardly forget. + INFO


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