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Cider Unites Us - Summer


Bertsozale Elkartea and Gipuzkoako Sagardogileen Elkartea have presented the first collaboration project within the initiative: Cider Unites Us.

This program unites bertsolaritza, music and cider, and is the first step in a collaborative project in which Musika Bulegoa supports the dissemination of the initiative. Apart from this, in order to enjoy this special summer, all the Cider Plans in the world of cider have been announced.

Cider Unites Us - Summer

July and August will be the summer months to activate Basque creators and the world of cider. Cider houses are the best setting for this: both the interiors and their terraces. This is the program we have created for now:


July 15, 8:30 p.m. Aburuza Sagardotegia. Cerna with bertsolaris: Unai Mendizabal and Eli Pagola singing; Aitor Mendiluze proposing the themes. (40 €)

July 24, 6:30 p.m. Astarbe Sagardotegia. Performance with bertsolaris and dinner-snacks: Maialen Lujanbio and Agin Laburu. (25 €)

July 27, 8:30 p.m. Petritegi Sagardotegia. Commented tasting with bertsolaris and dinner: Aitor Mendiluze, Iker Zubeldia and Imanol Camio. (40 €)


August 7, 8:30 p.m. Saizar Sagardotegia. Music performance and dinner.

August 29, 8:30 p.m. Wave Sagardotegia. Dinner with bertsolaris: Angel Peñagarikano, Xebaxtian Lizaso, Aitor Mendiluze and Andoni Egaña. (40 €)

This initiative has been created by Bertsolaze Elkartea and Gipuzkoako Sagardogileen Elkartea; Musika Bulegoa has supported the initiative with its dissemination, the first step in the collaborative project that they have created for the future.

How to reserve our site for these events?

The reservation can be made on the two web pages of the associations: and

The world of cider at your disposal

Sagardoa Route offers several possibilities for those who want to know or delve into this world of cider. This year 61% of the cider cellars have opened their doors in the summer season. The cider houses offer exceptional wide spaces in natural surroundings, terraces, different menus (salads, Lumagorri chicken and grilled fish), and bottled cider and txotx. All this, of course, applying strict protocols in favor of the health of each one of us. Examples of this are the use of masks, hydroalcoholic gel, safety distance and the possibility of tasting cider in txotx. At this time, the cider houses that keep the winery open offer tasting in small groups and by tables. In this way, they make this moment a special and closer tasting. Cider can be tasted in the bottle in all cider houses since the summer season is an optimal time to taste it.

What can we do this summer?

We propose day plans, meals, dinners and even excursions. With friends, family or alone, all plans are tailored to the needs of each one. The aim is to get to know the natural and rural environment of the Basque Country and enjoy it, learning about the trades and the people who keep it alive.

Knowing the world of cider, Top Bodegas

We offer guided tours in cider houses. We start in the apple orchard and end in the winery, thus knowing all the secrets of this world. Facing the autumn season in the middle of making cider, we have created two special proposals: making your own cider while being a cider for a day; or get to know the cider houses with Denomination of Origin doing a circuit through the wineries, with a mobile and different guided tour. All of them simple and appealing ways to get to know and delve further into the world of cider.

Family plans

There are many options to get to know Gipuzkoa as a family. We have wanted to focus on those less known, more hidden but impressive. The Agorregi ironworks and the visit to the Iturraran apiary, for example. Another good option may be the Larraondo sawmill and the Aizpea mining complex. Looking at Urola, we can take a nice excursion on the old steam train in Azpeitia. And to finish and by living immersed in the world of Basque crafts, we offer the little ones the possibility of being able to make cheese from the hand of the shepherd. After visiting each place, we will go to the cider house to enjoy a good lunch or dinner. In this way, we will be able to show our boys and girls many of the places and territories within Gipuzkoa!

Gastronomic plans

The Basques and gastronomy are two concepts that are united by nature. For this reason, we unite the world of cider with the world of cheese, txakolí and the market of our baserritarras. All experiences will end in the cider house, with a visit, a tasting of the Euskal Sagardoa cider and food. These are also a good way to learn about many of our trades that make our land so special.

Sports plans

Canoeing and rowing on the Urumea, La Concha and Oria. The idea is to have a good time with friends, as a couple, as a group ... while doing a little sport. In all cases, the importance of the river and the sea for the Basques will be known. Of course, after exercising, we will enjoy a good cider house menu.


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