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Cider Houses with Accmmodation


How many times have you been to a cider house and wished there was a bed nearby to lie down for a while? 


Cider Houses with Accmmodation

Well, your wishes come true, since some of the cider houses in the Basque Country have their own accommodation next to the cider cellar. And they are not just any accommodation, they are places full of charm, beautiful agrotourisms surrounded by green meadows and the family's own apple orchard.

After delighting yourself with its natural cider and enjoying its delicious menu, you can rest and fully immerse yourself in the local landscape thanks to these accommodations.

Here you have the cider houses in Gipuzkoa that have their own accommodation.


The Aginaga cider house is located in the well-known Aginaga neighborhood, in the municipality of Usurbil, very close to San Sebastián. Since 1992, the cider house has offered the possibility of tasting natural cider from txotx (directly from the barrel) throughout the year. In addition, it has an extensive menu of traditional Basque cuisine, with delicious grilled meat and fish.

Since 2012, the activity of the cider house is complemented by its accommodation: the Hotel** Aginaga. A new hotel model with modern facilities and all kinds of comforts using renewable energy. Located a step away from San Sebastián, and in the middle of nature.

After 20 years of experience with the cider house, this project of Hotel Aginaga was born thanks to its owners, and it has been carried out with great care and enthusiasm. It has opted for energy efficiency in all the facilities of the Hotel.

The result has been a comfortable hotel with a modern design, which together with the tradition of the renowned Aginaga cider house, will make your stay an unforgettable experience.


The Oianume cider house is located in Ergoien neighborhood of Urnieta, just 11 km away from San Sebastian and at the foot of Mount Adarra, the highest peak in the region of San Sebastian. The family that runs the cider house has always made cider for their own consumption, generation after generation.

Today we can enjoy a cozy cider house open from January to October. In their cellar we can taste the natural cider that they have been making for decades and also the traditional cider house menu, sitting in a beautiful dining room next to the wooden kupela (barrels).

To round off the plan, you can stay to rest at the Oianume Guesthouse, a rustic and charming accommodation, located next to the cider house, in a quiet environment, from which you can start different routes or simply rest after having immersed yourself in Basque cider and gastronomy.


The Oiharte cider house is located in a small and beautiful town in the heart of Goierri, Zerain. It is located at a similar distance from Bilbao, Pamplona, Donostia/San Sebastián and Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Oiharte exudes the soul and charm of the old 18th century farmhouses, but has all the modern comforts, after having been renovated and converted into a rural house in 2002. The solid stone walls of the farmhouse stand out within the landscape between mountains. You will rest in this agrotourism surrounded by a beautiful apple orchard and with a view of the Txindoki.

It has all the modern comforts necessary to guarantee a pleasant stay, but without losing the spirit of the 18th century farmhouse. Behind the farmhouse, hidden under the mountain, we have the current cider cellar. The cider house, one of the most innovative in the sector, offers the opportunity to taste a wide variety of products, from the apple orchard to the barrel.

It is a young cider house run by Maite Retolaza Ojanguren and Haritz Eguren Urrestarazu. They began to market cider in 2010. Both Haritz and Maite’s families have traditionally been cider makers, as in so many houses in the Basque Country, but the commercialisation of Oiharte cider has come with Haritz and Maite. Therefore, if we add the innovative cider house to the beautiful agrotourism, this allows you to live a unique and complete experience. 


This cider house is located in Arama, in the heart of Goierri, surrounded by Natural Parks, and offers a wide range of activities. In addition, it is located just 25 minutes from Donostia-San Sebastian and the Gipuzkoan coast, and close to Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao and Pamplona. The cider house has its own agrotourism, Agroturismo Olagi, where you can rest after having enjoyed the extensive menu made with local products that the cider house offers. 

The accommodation has 4 double rooms with TV, heating and the option of extra beds. Living room with TV and fireplace, kitchen, terrace and grill. Olagi also offers the option of being able to see the cider making area and the family’s apple trees. It will be an experience you will not forget!


The Petritegi cider house owes its name to the farmhouse-press, which was built at the beginning of the 16th century. Its name means Petri's house, and it is that 500 years ago a man from San Sebastián named Petri De Igeldo (Pedro) gave the order to build this building so characteristic of Gipuzkoa, integrating the family, the agricultural-livestock farm and the cider factory in the same architectural unit. The farmhouse was built around the cider press, located on the first floor of the building and occupying a large part of it.

Although Petritegi has always been faithful to its cider-making dedication, different families passed through here until the beginning of the 20th century, when our great-great-grandfather Agapito Goikoetxea bought the farmhouse, continuing of course to make cider.

Today, apart from enjoying a beautiful and innovative cider house, Petritegi also has the Sagarlore Hotel (apple tree flower). Sagarlore is located just 300 meters from the cider house, in an oasis of peace, to offer its clients the tranquility they need to rest.

It is an ecological and charming rural hotel, recently built. Sagarlore is the ideal point to discover the cider culture of Gipuzkoa, as well as the treasures of San Sebastian and the rest of the Basque region.

A restored 3-storey farmhouse with single, double and superior double rooms that makes all its visitors feel special. Its breakfasts based on local and seasonal products will make you start the day with energy and a good mood; in addition, we assure you that they are delicious!


Saizar's origins date back to the 1970s, when Esteban Lertxundi -a great connoisseur of cider and its production process- decided to take advantage of his Saizar farmhouse, a typical farm, and the old ikuilu (stable), to create a cider house.

Thanks to his knowledge of the cider industry and together with his wife Olivia Ibarguren and their children, the entire Lertxundi Ibarguren family dedicates themselves body and soul to the cider house, which, being open all year round, is gaining more and more strength. The inclusion of a prestigious oenologist in the team has meant a further step in the professionalization of the business.

Apart from the winery and the restauration, Saizar now has a third line of business; the Boutique Hotel Olivi 1948. Located in Usurbil, at the gates of San Sebastián, Olivi 1948 offers exclusive accommodation combining all the comforts of a modern hotel in a rural area.

The house is surrounded by four hectares of apple trees from which an apple sparkling wine is obtained following the Charmat production, dedicated to Olivia Ibarguren, matriarch of the family, who together with her husband Esteban Lertxundi started what is today Saizar.

Discover its rooms decorated with both noble and strong materials, a pure tribute to the land that surrounds it. The soft colors, the comfort and quality of its beds, as well as the silence that surrounds the accommodation will allow you to disconnect, and reconnect with the essentials. After resting in this oasis of peace, you can enjoy a delicious and complete organic breakfast.



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