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Some cider houses and bars, restaurants and gastronomic societies will open their doors these days


You can taste Euskal Sagardoa harvest 2019 in cider houses, bars, restaurants and gastronomic societies.

Some cider houses and bars, restaurants and gastronomic societies will open their doors these days

In this second phase of the confinement, the cider houses of the Basque Country will have the option of opening their doors, both the terraces and the cider houses, at 50% of the capacity and respecting the distances and security protocols. There are many cider houses that have been encouraged to open now, and offer their customers the service throughout the summer season. Others, on the other hand, have chosen to wait and open the next season. The opening of the cider houses on these dates implies the specific presence of the bottle. And in this case, the cider bottle with the Euskal Sagardoa Designation of Origin will be the main protagonist. People will be able to taste and enjoy the red and golden capsule and small apple ciders; that they will be in their full splendor, and in their optimal moment of consumption. The producers will show consumers the characteristics of the new vintage, and people will also be able to buy the product to take home, in addition to tasting and consuming in the cider house.

Due to COVID 19, the cider sector had to suspend all its activity in the middle of the cider season. The sector took this step together, coordinating between the different associations. During the confinement, the situation of each moment has been collectively analyzed and the reopening of the cider houses has also been worked on today. To guarantee compliance with the protocols and safety in each establishment, on May 22 the sector conducted a specific training course for the sector, organized by the HAZI Foundation and the Euskal Sagardoa / Natural Cider of the Basque Country Denomination of Origin, in which 55 cider houses took part. The important points to take into account in the establishments in this reopening were discussed and worked on, in addition to analyzing the possibilities that Euskal Sagardoa offers in this new phase. The speakers who gave the training were: Iñaki De La Armada explained the different protocols, Olatz Mitxelenak (Sagardoa Route) the specific protocols for cider houses and Unai Agirrek (Euskal Sagardoa) the possibilities offered by Euskal Sagardoa and the updated proposal.

The cider houses have large spaces, a natural environment and an updated service: diners will have a place to sit around a table and Euskal Sagardoa will be consumed mainly in the bottle, although at some point they will be able to taste some kupela cider, always in small groups. Euskal Sagardoa and the sector will offer a press conference on June 11 for the presentation of the new vintage of the Denomination of Origin, and in this event, in addition to exposing the characteristics of the new vintage, the main aspects of the reopening will be explained of the cider houses, in addition to carrying out an assessment of the last months and the decisions taken and the objectives of the sector.

The cider houses have activated the reservations, and Sagardoa Route has the automatic reservation engine running and the entire summer offer ( With regard to the museums Sagardoetxea Museoa ( and Igartubeiti museoa ( they will open their doors on June 2, and Albaola museoa ( on 5 June. / 688 645 946 / 688 856 294


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