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Txotx season 2019


The txotx season keeps a faithful client in the cider houses, prepared to taste the cider in bottle.

40% of the cider houses are kept open throughout the year, and bottled cider is ready to be tasted in the restaurants, establishments and terraces of our municipalities.

Sagardoa Route, tour of our origins through the Basque cider: 4 plans from San Sebastian and a wide range of products linked to our territory are our proposal for summer.

Txotx season 2019

Txotx season 2019

In this Txotx 2019 season, from January to May, we have maintained the number of visitors, which are around 600,000 people in our 59 Sagardoa Route cider houses.

The origin of the visitors is mostly local people: Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia, Araba, Navarra and Iparralde. The national tourist is the second next type of client who visits the cider houses the most, highlighting the presence of Catalonia and Madrid. The cider houses are increasingly known as a tourist resource. The international tourist increases in the summer season.

In terms of age, the audience of cider houses fluctuates, between week 40-70, and on weekends the range increases significantly 18-70.

As far as the type of public is concerned, the patrons vary according to the cider houses but there is a clear tendency: Saturdays at noon and at night groups of friends and Sundays families.

Booking engine

This year the booking engine for cider houses was presented. In one click, the user has been able to reserve the table in the cider house that he has chosen. This has meant a competitive improvement for cider houses and an added value for users. 95% of the reserves managed by Sagardoa Route have been made through the booking engine, which is truly significant and in line with new trends

We must emphasize the increase in the demand for tourist products by 25%: guided tours, weekend getaways, tour packages and trips. The clientele is increasingly segmented and as a result, more diversification of tourism services and increased sales are created. Sagardoa Route has created throughout this year new experiences in tune with the new trends and in response to the demand.

Trends: the diversification of products and services attracts an increasingly heterogeneous audience to cider houses. Women, men, young people, seniors, locals and foreigners.

After the Txotx season, 45% of the cider houses start a second summer season keeping their doors open and we can find the cider of the new bottled crop in the market.

Sustainable tourism, our goal

The cider houses are located throughout the Basque territory, and cider is the product that has been born from our land. The cider house and the territory. Our origins and our history This is what this year we have proposed to explain, tell and make known to those who arrive in Donostia-San Sebastián in summer, or to those who want to come and enjoy it. The range of products that we present facilitates the journey to our origins, we situate ourselves in them from the perspective of the current world and our resources. The authentic is the valuable, and the authentic is what we will reveal.

It will be a real experience: the inhabitants of the municipalities, workers, baserritarras, pastors and each of the families that currently run the cider houses.

Objectives of guaranteed departures and private offer

        Explain the value of cider houses and their union with the territory. To do this, there will be a guided tour and tasting of the different ciders of the house either in bottle or Txotx.

        Sustainable tourism, strengthen the interior and make known the less known places or offer different perspectives of the places already known.

        Strengthen tourism related to nature and origin.

        Work gastronomy on a cultural level.

        Collaboration with local agents.

Cider houses, resources, municipalities and counties: combination without equal

Sagardoa Route proposes 4 very authentic plans to know our territory and the way of life of the Basques. Departures guaranteed from Monday to Saturday, from San Sebastian, hand in hand with a local guide and transportation included.

Throughout the tour the guide will explain the characteristics of our territory, history, culture and language; municipalities, cities and territories; human value, way of life and identity; the mountainous and green orography.

Calendar, schedule, meeting point and reservations

        The experience will be offered in 4 languages: Basque, Spanish, English and French.

        They will be offered every day from Monday to Friday, each one in its schedule.

        The routes will be 4h or 6h.

        The stop will be located in the center of San Sebastian.

        Sale and reservations: / / In tourist offices and several agencies.

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