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Cider tasting to present the new harvest in Iparragirre Cider Cellar


DATE: Friday, February 21 at 7:30 p.m. (until 8:30 p.m.)

PLACE: Iparragirre Sagardotegia, Osiñaga neighborhood, 10 (20,120 Hernani)

Cider tasting to present the new harvest in Iparragirre Cider Cellar

Each harvest has its characteristics, and each house its apple varieties and its cider. At the time of txotx the differences are usually also in the cider process. The Iparragirre cider house wants to present all these characteristics to the people, in order to present the house ciders that are still in the barrels following their process. The sisters Arantxa and Ana Eguzkiza Beobide have chosen the txotx season to release this new proposal: It is the responsibility of the ciders to present the ciders of our house and ensure the pedagogy and transmission of culture, based on what we know. After all, that's how the idea of ​​txotx was born, this being the time to taste and see how ciders came before being bottled. This peculiar and special tasting will have the same objective: to present the new cider we tasted in txotx with a guide.

This action is carried out by Iparragirre Sagardotegia together with Euskal Sagardoa. The tasting will be free and you have to register by calling 943 55 03 28 (limited places).

Iparragirre is located on the banks of Hernani, surrounded by apple trees and the basis of its strategy has been the native apple. In recent years, he has opted for the local product and Eusko Label, and organic apple and cider, along with the elaboration of the Euskal Sagardoa Cider. Iparragirre uses as raw material the apple of its house and the surrounding villages, of quality and ecological, certified by ENEEK.


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