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Apple Culture 2020 - Astarbe


SagarKultur: a safe cultural space in Astigarraga

Apple Culture 2020 - Astarbe

In this safe space, while the listeners are gathered around the tables of the cider house or, in individual seats, they will be able to enjoy live music, bertsolaris, monologues, storytelling and magic shows, among others. With a controlled capacity and, in a closed space with easy to control access, the safety of citizens, workers and volunteers can always be ensured. In good weather these events will be organized on the terrace, in bad weather, inside the cider house.

The musical groups and other dynamics will be Basque and Basque, projects of our region are always prioritized and a culture in Euskera and egalitarian will be committed. This space will also be used in conjunction with other associations that are committed to culture in these times. Among others, the Bertsolaris Association of the Basque Country. (Bertsozale).

SagarArte was born as a concept in 2017, but it became a non-profit association last year. This same year it received the support of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and became an “association of social interest” for the historic territory. In this way, all the aid from private companies that SagarArte receives can be deducted by private entities for the declaration.


July 18

- Izaki Gardenak

- 22:30

July 19

- Nerea eta Mariano Kontukontzertuan- musical stories

- 15:30

July 24

- Dinner with bertsolaris- ASOC. BERTSOZALE

- 18:30

July 25

- Kilimak

- 22:30

July 26

- Bakean dagoen bakean utzi-MONOLOGIES

- 15:30

August 1st

- Anai

- 22:30

August 2nd

- Marxel magoa- Colab. With the XIXKA Association

- 15:30

August 8

- Apalatxe

- 22:30

August 9

- Errebal

- 15:30


Except for the collaboration that will be made with the Bertsozale, SagardoRoute and Musika Gelak associations, they will have to be purchased either by calling the cider house or entering their respective web pages, the other tickets must be reserved as follows:

Individual ticket: for € 5 and buying the ticket on a platform provided by the City Council, you can enjoy the concert with all security measures.

Ticket + Astarbe rib menu: For € 33 in addition to the event, you can enjoy a dinner / lunch of tomato salad from the bordatxo farmhouse of Astigarraga, cod omelette with free-range eggs, grilled rib, cheese, walnuts and jam apple and cider, cider, bread, water and coffee. Reservations at 943 55 15 27.

Ticket + Astarbe nice menu: For € 45 in addition to the event, you can enjoy a lunch / dinner of tomato salad, grilled Cantabrian bonito, txuleta, cheese, walnuts and apple jam and cider, cider, bread, water and coffee. Reservations at 943 55 15 27.


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