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Special and Local Pack


Special local pack made up of 100% local and high-quality products: Cider with Denomination of Origin Euskal Sagardoa, Euskal Sagardoa Premium and Euskal Sagardoa organic cider; and to accompany the cider Idiazabal DOP cheese and bonito fish Nardin Eusko Label. Buy and enjoy discounts on Onegin accommodations!

Special and Local Pack

How does the discount voucher and the Onegin campaign work?

The Onegin campaign has been created thanks to the initiative of the Hazi Foundation. In it, with the purchase of local and quality products you can get discounts of 50€ in the accommodations attached to the campaign:

1. You can see the list of producers, small businesses and electronic businesses that participate in the campaign, including the world of cider!

2. The purchase can be made physically and / or through electronic commerce, depending on the establishment. In our case, through electronic commerce.

3. The person who makes a purchase of 100€ or more in quality products will be able to enjoy this discount voucher. The list of these products can be found on the website

4. On our website we have created a special pack: Cider with Denomination of Origin Euskal Sagardoa, Cheese with Denomination of Origin Idiazabal and Bonito Eusko Label Nardin. In any case, those who want to make a purchase equal to or greater than € 100 in Denomination of Origin Euskal Sagardoa, Premium and Ecological ciders, will also be able to enjoy this discount voucher. To take into account: all the products with which the discount voucher can be obtained have the onegin logo within their description as an indication.

5. After making the purchase, the invoice will be sent to the customer, with the list of products that he has purchased.

6. This invoice must be uploaded to the website, enter the required data and thus the voucher will be sent to the customer so that they can enjoy it!

7. Bases of the campaign and + info:


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