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The young talent from Gipuzkoa will be the protagonist this summer in the Sagardoak Elkartzen Gaitu program


Bertsozale Elkartea, Musika Bulegoa and Sagardogileen Elkartea have presented the program that joins music, the world of bertsolaritza and cider.

Cider houses in summer: sports plans to better understand the world of cider, family plans and tours.



The young talent from Gipuzkoa will be the protagonist this summer in the Sagardoak Elkartzen Gaitu program

July and August will be the summer months to activate Basque creators and the world of cider. The cider houses are the best setting for this: its terraces and apple orchards. This is the program we have created:


  • July 9, 7:00 p.m. Aburuza Sagardotegia. The bertsolaris Ane Zuazubiskar, Maialen Akizu, Ane Beloki and Andoni Mujika will be on the terrace of the Aburuza cider house.
  • July 16, 7:00 p.m. Iparragirre Sagardotegia. The bertsolaris Aner Euzkitze and Ane Labaka will sing on the terrace of Iparragirre.
  • July 17, 7:00 p.m. Astiazaran Sagardotegia. On the terrace of the Astiazaran cider house we will have the Eneritz Furyak concert.
  • July 23, 7:00 p.m. Astarbe Sagardotegia. On the terrace of the Astarbe cider house we will have a bertsolaris festival with Eli Pagola, Maide Garmendia, Iker Ormazabal and Asier Azpiroz.
  • July 24, 7:00 p.m. Wave Sagardotegia. On the terrace of the Ola cider house we will have the Sara Azurza concert.


  • August 6, 7:00 p.m. Petritegi Sagardotegia. On the terrace of the Petritegi cider house we will have the Bi Zaldi concert.

This initiative Sagardoak Elkartzen Gaitu, (cider unites us) has been created by the Musika Bulegoa, Bertsozale Elkartea and Gipuzkoako Sagardogileen Elkartea associations. The talent of the youngest has had great difficulties to be able to perform in the squares of our towns. That has been the impetus and the basis for creating this summer program with great enthusiasm, giving visibility to the youngest in various spaces offered by cider houses.

Tickets for events: two options

This is the second collaborative work of the three associations, a collaboration with great potential for the future.

All the events will be at 7:00 p.m., and if the weather is with us on the terraces or apple orchards of the cider houses. Those who approach will have two options:

1)  15€ ticket: ticket for the bertsolaritza concert / festival, cider tasting and snack.

2)  39€ ticket:  entrance to the bertsolaritza concert / festival, cider drink, snack and dinner.

The events will last from an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half; and whoever wants to can stay for dinner too.

How make the reservations?

The reservation can be made on the two web pages of the associations: and

The world of cider at your disposal

Sagardoa Route offers several possibilities for those who want to know or delve into this world of cider. This year 61% of the cider cellars have opened their doors in the summer season. The cider houses offer exceptional wide spaces in natural surroundings, terraces, different menus (salads, Lumagorri chicken and grilled fish), and bottled cider.

What can we do this summer?


If we have learned something this year, it has been to know our closest and most attractive places. Cider houses, of course, have been no exception. Until not so long ago they were known for their menu, the social atmosphere ... but for three years they have been creating and developing other types of very attractive services both for those from here and for those outside.

Visits and tastings to get to know the Basque Cider and the cider houses inside are the activities that are most in demand. But more and more customers are asking for a cider and / or cheese workshop. We also have special packages with visits and tastings in txakolí cheese shops and wineries for lovers of gastronomy and local products. For culture lovers, we have proposals in collaboration with several Gipuzkoan museums.

For visitors coming from abroad, one of the sector's proposals stands out: regular departures with transport included directly from San Sebastián. In these experiences the base is the knowledge of the world of cider: visit in cider house, tasting of the Basque cider sagardoa and the food. Given the uniqueness of the situation, we will also offer a service with transportation to visitors who are in any accommodation in Gipuzkoa to enjoy all the plans offered by Sagardoa Route.


Weekend getaways are our specialty. Ideal for nature lovers. We have cider houses associated with accommodation that help expand the range of services for our clients.


We have a wide range of trips, understanding that the basis is always to know the Basque Country from its people, families and the first sector. In addition to the stay in our rural accommodations, we completed the visit with trips to the interior of Gipuzkoa, to the coast, to get to know the Rioja Alavesa wineries and also the wonderful Iparralde area.

On the other hand, throughout the year we have two highly requested services that we are developing little by little: BUSINESS SERVICES and EDUCATION


We have been working the facilities for some years and preparing the cider houses for the reception of meetings, team buildings… of companies. In this regard, the rents of the cider house facilities, the special activities for the workers and the gastronomic services stand out.


The great novelty with which we will start the next school year is the proposal of several didactic units to understand the origin of the hamlets, the block and our landscape.

And how to book? is the website where you can make reservations for both plans and lunches / dinners. You will have the reservation in one click, without having to wait for a confirmation and with the free service. Choose the day, time, number of people and click, the reservation will be made. In addition, in order to facilitate the search for cider houses, we propose a filter to help you find the cider house according to its menu offer (vegetarian, celiac, grilled fish, seasonal products ...), to go with the family (with playgrounds and children's menus) or according to the municipality. is the reservation center for the cider sector, to provide facilities to users and a new management tool for cider houses to build the future.

What if I want to buy cider online? also offers the online store of sector references. In it you can find 95 different ciders. Sales through the online store have risen by 55% compared to the first half of 2020. You can place the order and we take it to your door. Euskal Sagardoa Denomination of Origin, organic cider, sparkling, apple must ... The sector currently offers a wide variety of products and today the Sagardoa Route website is its showcase. It has been a widely used tool in times of confinement, and at this time it is still a very useful tool to receive cider at home in one click. The Sagardoa Route online store is the tool created to work on the future of cider.


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