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The Day of the Bream and Cider: Tolosa


The environment of the coast is goin to arrive to Tolosa, without detaching from the rural environment. How is it achieved? Uniting the Bream Party with the Cider Festival: that simple and that good.

Tolosa will host La Fiesta del Besugo y la Sidra from May 31 to June 3. The organizers warn that almost half of the tickets are already sold.

The Day of the Bream and Cider: Tolosa

The Tinglado will be the place where the sea and the land will meet: an elegant dining room where you can eat and dine a good bream menu, and a new space where you can taste cider from Tolosaldea and eat pintxos.

 "It is a very attractive offer that unites our gastronomy, nature and traditions" Mayor Olatz Peon Ormazabal stressed: "the strategic lines of Tolosa and the region in terms of tourism, pieces of an offer that has as its epicenter the authenticity, uniting the coast and the interior ".

From the sea: sea bream

For the tenth consecutive year, the company Txinparta will be responsible for offering the bream to the Orio Style, where the best Basque broilers (from the Katxiña and Xixario restaurants) will prepare 300 breams, this being the main element of a complete menu. Tickets are already on sale in Tolosaldea Tour for lunch and dinner on Saturday, June 2 and lunch on Sunday, June 3.

The mayor Olatz Peon has put in value that union with the coast: "the grill and Tolosa are inseparable, and that has led to a close relationship with Orio, being both leaders in the world of the grill. Those who have made this collaboration possible have been the parrileras of Tolosa and Orio, and of course, Txinparta Elkartea. We will work together on the challenges ahead "

Jose Maria Etxeberria has explained on behalf of Txinparta Elkartea, who at the opening ceremony will make "a heartfelt tribute to Luis Mari Garcia Artetxe, director of the Banda de Tolosa and his brother Joseja García Artetxe, for the work they have done in favor of the music in Tolosa ".

From the earth: cider

The cider will also be the protagonist of this party thanks to the joint work between Tolosa Gourmet and Sagardoa Route - Cider shops of Gipuzkoa. A new space called "Sagardoaren Txokoa" will be installed in the Tinglado de Tolosa, where you can taste ciders from Tolosaldea (members of the Tolosa Gourmet Club) and eat pintxos in this open space for all the public during the weekend .

And some may ask: but has not the cider season ended yet? No. Now that cider is presented in the bottle.

According to Olatz Mitxelena, head of Gipuzkoako Sagardogileen Elkartea, cider goes beyond the cider house menus, and offers the option sector to play with the ways of offering and consuming it. To prove it, on May 31 there will be a dinner-marriage in the Txinparta society, for which the tickets are also for sale.

In addition, not many people know that in Tolosa came to exist up to 38 cider houses, which want to make known by a guided tour with tasting on Saturday and Sunday: "in total there were 38 Sagardotegis in Tolosaldea, and although many no longer continue as such, if it is a key area of ​​the first sector: this season there have been 12 million liters of cider in Euskal Herria and 12% belongs to the region "Mayor Olatz Peon stressed.

The festival will have a varied program in Tolosa: street shows such as the Sagartu dance show, guided tours, tastings, ... endless activities that will unite the mountain with the sea.

Organizers: Txinparta Society, Sagardoa Route - Gipuzkoako Sagardogileen Elkartea, City Hall of Tolosa, Tolosa Gourmet Kluba.


Tickets for the Bream Menu (lunch and dinner on day 2 and lunch on day 3) are already available at Tolosaldea Tour for 55 euros. The tickets for the dinner-marriage in the Txinparta Society are also for sale in Tolosaldea Tour for 25 euros.

They can also be purchased by phone (943 697 413) or via email at

Bream menu (55 euros)

Salted anchovies

Tomato in salad with bonito

Asparagus of navarre .

Grilled sea bream

Dessert "Bixigoxo" (Gozona)

Drinks :: Heras Cordon (Crianza), Gaintza (Txakoli), Insalus (water), Irigoien-Herrera (cider) and Zabala (coffees).

Tasting Menu (25 euros)

Sliced ​​Urdetxe: chorizo ​​and ham

Artichokes from Navarra

Sorbet of Sagardoz

Urdetxe pork loin steak

Cheese board with apple candy

* Each dish will be paired with a different cider or derivative


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