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The sea Bream and Cider Fest of Tolosa advances the summer atmosphere


Tickets for lunches and dinners that will be held between May 31 and June 2 are already on sale at the Tolosaldea Tour tourism office.

The sea Bream and Cider Fest of Tolosa advances the summer atmosphere

The gastronomic activity of Tolosa is always linked to the seasonal product. And with the arrival of the month of June, two of the star products par excellence are the sea bream and freshly bottled cider. From the mixture of both products was born the Fiesta del Besugo and the Sidra de Tolosa, thanks to the collaboration between the Txinparta Society, the Tolosa Gourmet club and the Natural Cider Association of Gipuzkoa.

This year the party will take place from May 31 to June 2. As usual, a dinner-pairing of fish and cider will start the party on Friday night, in the Txinparta society. And is that, as pointed out by the organization, "although it does not seem common, yes, it is possible to pair both products."

For this, they have set up a menu that combines fish and cider to perfection: Asparagus of Navarra, anchovies, cod ajoarriero, head of loin and dessert prepared by Gorrotxategi. The price of the tickets is 27 euros.

This year, cider of the region

Around the cider, the successful guided tours that allow to know the history of the old cider houses of the old part of Tolosarra. In his day there were about 40, with countless stories and curiosities.

The tour will start at the Tinglado at 11:30, and end at the Orbela bar, where the cider house Begiristain was located. The price of the tour is five euros, and at the end of the visit you can taste cider from the region next to an old sardine omelette, as before.

In the Txoko of the Cider that will be located in the Tinglado you can also taste different ciders. This year, we will have the presence of all the Tolosaldea cider houses: Aburuza, Begiristain, Eguzkitza, Isastegi, Goikoetxea, Sarasola, Zabala and Zalbide.

The cider will also be served in a glass, and it can be accompanied with pintxos. This space will remain open from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and between 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. In addition, on Saturday afternoon, from 19:30, the tasting will be enlivened by the bertsolaris Aitor Mendiluze and Haritz Mujika.

300 Orio-style sea bream

The close relationship between the towns of Tolosa and Orio is well known. This link takes special prominence with this type of celebration. And it is that, the grills of the Oriotarras Katxiña and Xixario grills will bring to Tinglado de Tolosa the tastiest tastes and smells of the coastal municipality.

The first two days of June - Saturday at noon and night, and Sunday at noon - will roast 300 sea breams and serve them in the Orio style. The salted anchovies, the tomato and bonito salad, Asparagus of Navarra and the Bixigoxo dessert will complete the menu. To drink, in addition to wine aging and txakolí, this year you can taste all the ciders of Tolosaldea.

Make your reservation

The tickets to taste the Bream Menu or the dinner-pairing are already on sale. They can be purchased at the tourist office Tolosaldea Tour, by calling 943 697 413 or by writing an email to the address Reservations for guided tours can also be made through one of these three routes.

Bream menu (55 euros)

Salted anchovies

Tomato and bonito salad

Asparagus of Navarre

Grilled sea bream

Dessert "Bixigoxo"

Drinks: Heras Cordon (aging), Gaintza (txakolí), Insalus (water), Irigoien-Herrero ciders and all the ciders of Tolosaldea, and Zabala (coffee).

Dinner-pairing with cider (27 euros)

Asparagus of navarre


Cod ajoarriero with egg cooked at low temperature

Loin bridle

Dessert prepared by Gorrotxategi

* Each dish will be served with cider or derivative

Guided visits

Guided tours will be held to learn about the old cider houses in the old part of Tolosa: Saturday (Spanish and French) and Sunday (Basque and English). The tours will start at 11:30 and have a price of 5 euros.



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