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Cider Unites Us


The Association of Restaurant Industry of Gipuzkoa and Sagardoa Route - Association of Cider Houses of Gipuzkoa have presented the second initiative in collaboration within the campaign La Sidra Nos Une

Restauration sector is essential so that we can all enjoy cider. For this reason, we wanted to unite the illusion and the desire to work under the slogan La Sidra Nos Une to be able to offer a safe space where you can enjoy and gather cider, customers and hoteliers.

The producers are about to start with the harvest of the 2020 harvest. Thus, we wanted to make an exhibition of the work and make the first must today in the Plaza de la Trinidad.

Cider Unites Us

Throughout September, the Gipuzkoa Cider House Association organizes different events, including the historic Sagardo Eguna de Donostia and Ordizia; and the event that was gaining more and more strength, the Euskal Herria Popular Cider Contest. By not being able to carry out these events with the necessary tranquility and security, we wanted to analyze and see what possibilities we could have, and what objectives we wanted to meet. In this way, we start the new course with a new proposal that will be carried out in the bars and restaurants of Gipuzkoa.

Euskal Sagardoa, our meeting point

For many years, the Gipuzkoa Hospitality Association and the Gipuzkoa Cider House Association have been working together. Different promotional campaigns, events, even to establish and work on anti-COVID19 protocols.

A good example of this collaboration is the campaign for this fall. The hoteliers and cider houses of Gipuzkoa who have registered will participate in it.

The campaign will begin today and will end on September 26. Lovers of cider and the curious who want to taste it will have the possibility to enjoy bottles of cider in our bars and restaurants throughout this month.

In total there will be 40 participating establishments. These will be identified through different supports, such as this triangle at the entrance, or the sticker AMIGO / AMIGA DE LA CIDRA, Sagardoaren laguna. The complete list of participants can be seen through the QR code that we have inserted in the posters, flyers and totems.

What is the campaign?

When customers order a bottle of cider they will receive tickets, as many as guests / customers. The first thing they should do is look at the scratch card and see if they have a prize. Whether they have a prize or not, they have to write their email and name and put it in the ballot box. All customers who participate and put their ticket in the ballot box will receive the prize in their mail. Among the prizes are the ice bags, t-shirts, glasses, discount vouchers, corkscrews, experiences, glasses to taste the cider ...

Campaign objective

Throughout the autumn, the Gipuzkoa Cider House Association organizes different events. This year, we cannot safely carry out street events, so we have done a complete rethinking of the actions that we would like to carry out. Uniting the needs and desires we have created this new proposal: let it be the cider that unites us. In this way, we recover and revive the illusion for cider, our catering establishments can make special offers and customers have a beautiful opportunity to taste and learn about different ciders.

Cider houses with hospitality, working for safe establishments

The hospitality industry is the link between cider and customers. This has been a difficult year for the sector, and we remain attentive to the evolution of the pandemic. For our part, we are doing everything possible to make restaurants, bars and cider houses safe. They are the places where we hang out, we do the after-dinner, we have the first date… they are the places of reference and union. For this reason, the cider sector joins the hospitality sector this fall, to move the events that should have been in our squares to safe places. Thus defining the product that unites them: Euskal Sagardoa cider.

Autumn for cider and guided tours of the cider houses

We wanted to make a small tribute to Sagardo Eguna de Donostia. Although we cannot celebrate this historic event, we wanted to bring the work of the cider houses to the square, to the capital: apple picking, crushing it to facilitate pressing, and the first must of the 2020 harvest.

The cider houses will begin to elaborate in the next few days to be able to make the new cider in the coming months. Although this year's harvest is not abundant, it is of great quality.

This time of year is also a good time to take a guided tour of the cider house. In it, apart from seeing how cider is made, you will be able to learn first-hand all the secrets of the process. The visit can be completed with a good lunch or dinner at the cider house, and those who want can also organize a getaway in any of our rural accommodations! For more details and more options you can enter


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