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Cider houses open in summer


50% of cider houses open throughout the year. Some of them offer the possibility of tasting bottled cider and others cider "txotx", directly from the barrel.

Cider houses open in summer

The summer season begins in the cider houses!

After the Txotx Season, the cider houses have begun to work on the new offer for the summer season. Terraces, seasonal products, activities, excursions and bottled cider. These are the main hallmarks that we can find in our cider houses.


How to enjoy cider in summer?

The delicious summer temperatures directly affect cider consumption, making this time of year a good time to enjoy cider both in our cider houses and in all our hotels.

We have cider houses located throughout the Basque Country and offer guided tours, sports activities, cultural and gastronomic events, among others. This gives a very broad opportunity to increase the offer and make the proposal that each visitor needs or wants.

Within this wide range of options, it is worth highlighting the guided tours and sports activities: rowing or canoeing, the Igartubeiti museum, txakoli wineries, cheese factories... and of course a visit and lunch at the cider house.


During the summer, 50% of the cider houses open their doors

Since the time of the pandemic, cider houses have adapted their dining rooms and expanded the possibility of eating outdoors. That is why cider bar terraces have become so important and desirable. Some of these cider houses still allow you to drink in the coolness of the cellar.


Here is the list of open cider houses in summer time, with "txotx" and terrace options:

ABURUZA, Aduna - Txotx, cider from the barrel

AGINAGA, Usurbil - Txotx option

AKARREGI, Hernani - Terrace option - Txotx option

ALORRENEA, Astigarraga - Terrace option - Txotx option

ALTZUETA, Hernani - Terrace option

AÑOTA, Azpeitia - Terrace option - Txotx option

ARAETA, Zubieta  - Terrace option

ASTARBE, Astigarraga - Terrace option - Txotx option

ASTIAZARAN, Zubieta - Terrace option - Txotx option



CALONGE, Donostia - Terrace option



GAZTAÑAGA, Andoain - Terrace option - Txotx option

GURUTZETA, Astigarraga

IPARRAGIRRE, Hernani - Terrace option

ITXAS-BURU, Hernani  - Terrace option

IZETA, Aia - Terrace option

LARRARTE, Astigarraga

LIZEAGA, Astigarraga

MIZPIRADI, Andoain - Terrace option - Txotx option

OIANUME, Urnieta

OLA, Irún  - Terrace option

OLAGI, Altzaga - Terrace option - Txotx option

ORDO-ZELAI, Oiartzun - Terrace option - Txotx option

PETRITEGI, Astigarraga - Txotx option

REZOLA, Astigarraga - Txotx option

SAIZAR, Usurbil - Txotx option

SATXOTA, Aia - Txotx option

TXIMISTA, Ordizia - Txotx option

URBITARTE, Ataun - Terrace option

ZABALA, Aduna - Terrace option - Txotx option

How to make a reservation?

In the section it is possible to make a reservation, both to reserve a table and to book outings or excursions.


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