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Basque Cider houses in family


Enjoy the best experiences with the little ones of the family!

Basque Cider houses in family

When we want to make plans in family, the variety of activities that can be done is increasingly wider. Therefore, in this article, we want to highlight some of the experiences that you can live with Sagardoa Route as a family and also, a list of the most suitable cider houses to visit with the little ones in the house.

Today, all the cider wineries in the Basque Country have adapted their offer to families. That is why all cider houses offer a children's menu: CIDER HOUSES WITH CHILDREN'S MENU

Basque cider houses in family

In addition to the gastronomic offer of our cider houses, there is a wide range of activities to do as a family; tastings of natural apple juice, an excursion suitable for families and playing in our playgrounds, among others:



Visit Igartubeiti, a press farm-house that reflects the true life of the ancient Basque farms! Igartubeiti was built in the middle of the sixteenth century and represents the Golden Age of Basque farmhouses. Its original wooden structure, beautifully preserved, and the existence of a large wooden press inside to make cider, is one of the most interesting farms in the Basque Country. Its interior has become a museum where the whole family can travel in time and learn about the different jobs of the time, the one that stands out most, making apple juice with the enormous press to produce cider. After visiting the farm, you can taste that delicious natural apple juice along with a pintxo of Idiazabal cheese.

Basque cider houses in family


Immerse yourself in the heart of Basque culture by visiting the Albaola Maritime Cultural Factory! In Albaola, in the bay of Pasaia, a few kilometers from San Sebastian, a replica of the sixteenth century whaling ship "San Juan" is being built. This Basque whaler was found at the bottom of Canadian waters, and after a thorough examination, the project of a replica of the ship began, in the presence of those who visit it, and using the same techniques as the master shipyards of the fifteenth and sixteen the centuries. Through the history of the Basque sailors, you will discover the keys to the close relation ship between the sea and cider.

Basque cider houses in family


Make your own apple juice and be a cider-maker for aday! This activity is perfect for the whole family, it will be an unforgettable experience for everyone. The activity begins in the apple orchard, where we will help our little ones pick apples and put them in a basket. After we’ve picked up the fruits, we'll approach the crushing machine, a manual machine that will helpus break the apples into small pieces. The next step will be to take those pieces of apples together and put them in the manual press. So, using our strength, we will press the apples and get our liquid gold. The last step in this experience will be to taste this delicious natural apple juice, theef fort of the whole family. Therei s nothing happier for our little ones than to make and taste thei rapple juice!

BAsque cider houses in family


The experience will begin at a traditional San Sebastian bombonery. Lorena and Mirian will be waiting for you to show us the inside of the family shop and explain its origin. They'll also show you how they make their products. Then, the whole family will go to the workshop, where the expert chocolate-maker will show you how apple-juice-chocolates are made. After the explanation, get on with it! With the help of the chocolatier, the whole family will make chocolates with natural apple juice. First of all, you'll make chocolate for the bonbon; then you'll fill them with apple juice; and finally, each member of the family will decorate the chocolates of different colors with the help of a brush, in the style of Picasso! Once you have your little pieces of art (in the form of chocolates), you will make a tasting, and you will be able to bring home the left over chocolates. There is not a best way to take a family vacation!

Basque cider houses in family


Join us on a culinary and cultural journey where salt is the main character. Westart in the Salt Valley of Añana. The salt plantation has a history of over 7,000 years. Here, in addition to learning about the fascinating process of producing salt, with sun and wind, youwill be able to taste this white gold, essential in the award-winning Basque cuisine. You will feel the history be neath your feet, and you will discover with your family the only biodiversity that surrounds these millennial salt mine. You will also have the opportunity to put your feet/hands into this magical water. What are you waiting for to discover the magical benefits of this wonderful Salt Valley?

Basque cider houses in family

You can combine all thes eactivities with many others, and with a unique experience in a Basque cider cellar.

Below, the best cider houses to visit with the whole family.


Cider houses that make apple juice:

Oiharte Sagardotegia (Zerain)

Petritegi Sagardotegia (Astigarraga)

Iparragirre Sagardotegia (Hernani)

Izeta Sagardotegia (Aia)

Ola Sagardotegia (Irun)

Mizpiradi Sagardotegia (Andoain)

Ekain Sagardotegia (Zestoa)

Etxeberria Sagardotegia (Astigarraga)

Itxas-Buru Sagardotegia (Hernani)

Cider houses with play ground:

Añota Sagardotegia (Azpeitia)

Araeta Sagardotegia (Donostia)

Astiazaran Sagardotegia (Donostia)

Calonge Sagardotegia (Donostia)

Elutxeta Sagardotegia (Urnieta)

Izeta Sagardotegia (Aia)

Laka-erdi Sagardotegia (Berriatua)

Oianume Sagardotegia (Urnieta)

Ola Sagardotegia (Irun)

Olagi Sagardotegia (Altzaga)


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