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Euskal Sagardo Araba


Three cider houses from Araba and five from Gipuzkoa will come for the first “Euskal Sagardo Araba” on the 20th July.

Euskal Sagardo Araba

The denomination of the origin of Basque cider will celebrate the first “Euskal Sargado Araba” on the 20th july in Gasteiz. The celebration takes place on the Plaza Machete and it lasts during the whole day.
There will be the possibility to taste the “Euskal Sagardoa” (natural cider from the Basque Country) of 8 different cider houses.

  • Kuartango (Kuartango). Bask cider made of apples from Araba and from Biskaia, which tastes fresh.
  • Iturrieta (Aramaio). Cider which is made predominantly of apples from Iturrieta.
  • Trebiñu (Trebiño). Cider which is made predominantly of apples from Trebiñu.
  • Akarregi (Hernani). Basque cider made of apples from Astigarraga which are aromatic and have a good structure.
  • Altzueta (Hernani). Basque cider made of apples from Astigarraga which are very aromatic.
  • Itxasburu (Hernani). Basque cider made of apples from Astigarraga which are fresh and have a great taste.
  • Lizeaga (Astigarraga). Basque cider made of apples from Astigarraga and Goierri. The cider tastes fresh and has an intense aroma.
  • Zelaia (Hernani). Basque cider made of apples from Olabarria and Hernani. The cider has an intense aroma and its own personality.

Those cider houses will offer apple juice as well as cider.  Therefore they offer one product which is without any alcohol, but is a booming product with a high quality and it is ideal for all audiences.

The main reason for this event is to show the significance of the Euskal Sagardoa (basque cider) to all of the people so that the cider’s importance will rise more and more.
We want to highlight the work of the different cider houses and explain the nuances provided by the different varieties of apple which are authorized in the Denomination of the Origin.
The characteristics of the harvest of 2018 will be presented and the assistant lecturer will be able to enjoy the tasting of ciders from 5 cider houses from Gipuzkoa and from 3 cider houses from Araba.

They would like to emphasize that Basque cider is high quality product and that it is suitable to consume it at any time with other different high quality products from the Basque Country.

For the Basque cider tasting they will serve the cider directly out of the bottle into a glass, since the bottle preserves the different aromas.
They have strict rules for the production and the selling of the Euskal Sagardoa (Basque cider) bottles. There are physical-chemical controls as well as sensory controls in order to be bottled as Euskal Sagardoa (basque cider) and to be able to wear its badges: the red cork and / or the red apple on the neck of the bottle.

The designation the origin of “Euskal Sagardoa” (Basque cider) comes from the apple producers and natural cider producers from Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Araba.
The harvest of 2018 has been from 50 cider houses and 234 apple producers and the aim is to improve those numbers of 2018 to gain a much better quality and more agents in the following years.

Schedule / Program:

20th July, Plaza Machete.

Timetable: in the morning, 12:00 – 02:30 p.m., 07:00 – 09:30 p.m.

  • Cider tasting: A glass with 5 tickets (for 5 drinks) = 5,00 €
  • Express tasting by Mikel Garaizabal and Unai Agirre.
  • Pintxos (Tapas) from Basatxerri and Indiazabal cheese.
  • The event will be accompanied by different concerts.


Tasting of the harvest of 2018

In Gasteiz you will taste ciders from the harvest of 2018 from the Euskal Sagardoa Araba.
The quantity will be less in comparison to the previous harvests, but therefore the cider has a better and more convincing personality and an aromatic taste which you have to try.
The different production areas and the identity and characteristics of each cider house amount to the different tastes of each cider.

All these nuances will be presented on 20th July in Gasteiz, for lovers of cider and all those who want to try and enjoy our product “Euskal Sagardoa” (Basque cider).


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