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The orchards are located in Gatika, specifically in the locality of Igartua, beside the river Butrón and two kilometres from Butrón castle. The farm today consists of three hectares of cider apple trees, as well as another two growing eating apples and other fruit.

The cider apples include varieties native to Bizkaia (boskantoia, urtebeta, urdin sagarra, etc.), to neighbouring Gipuzkoa (rexil sagarra, txalaka, etc.) and varieties from Asturias (teórica, prieta,

Jose Etxebarria has spent decades growing fruit trees on this farm in a family business with deep roots which is now being continued by his daughter Itziar. It has a nursery producing fruit trees with about 7,000 plants, specialising in local varieties of fruit trees, including apples.

  • Cider and txakoli sale.
  • Txoñe Barri Baserria, Igartua 25, Baserria. 48110 Gatika.
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    43.378032, -2.886182
  • (+34) 94 674 20 10 - 639 469 738

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