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Itxas-Buru Apple Juice

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Pasteurised apple juice, natural juice made with no added sugar.

This is an alcohol-free product.

The Itxas-Buru cider house was opened by Ascensio Intxauspe in 1982 and although the cider was already being produced, it was then when the cider began to be sold. The cider house is located on the banks of the Urumea river and currently manages 8 ha of apple orchards, including home-grown orchards and surrounding farms. The local apple has great importance in Itxas-Buru, knowing that quality cider comes from the care of the raw material. The cider is made in the traditional way and, if possible, the apple harvested the day it is pressed, to ensure the best possible juice quality. The quality of the cider from the Itxas-Buru cider house is given by a well-chosen blend of local apples.

  1. It is recommended to keep the natural cider in a cool place, at about 14-15ºC. At temperatures that are too high or too low, the cider can lose its properties sooner.
  2. To consume the Basque natural cider, it is recommended to cool it in the refrigerator and take it out 5 minutes before consumption. The ideal temperature to taste it is between 10-13ºC.
  3. We open the bottle and to serve the cider, we can use the pourer cork that some bottles have or attach a traditional pourer to it.
  4. We serve the cider at about 15 cm. from the glass, and a little less than the wine glass. We can consume the cider both in a fine and long glass or in a wine glass. The first choice will help us to enjoy a quicker drink, since by pouring it we will have the natural carbon from the cider. In the second one, we will better appreciate the aromas of the product and by serving it at a shorter distance, we will be able to enjoy a more leisurely drink.

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